I’m Jon and I’m a maker.

In 2020 I got serious about woodworking after making my first cutting board. Like many other folks, I found myself looking for ways to fill the time during the pandemic and woodwork hit me at just the right time. I built my first cutting board (I still have it…it’s bad) and then my second, and third. Before I knew it I had made so many that I started giving them away to anyone who would take them. (I’m sorry y’all) But all that practice just fueled my interest. Boards led to boxes. I took a woodturning course and bowls became platters and pens and ornaments. From there I started learning more technical joinery and getting into furniture. I’m still learning. Because I work a full time job, I have to practice in the evenings and on weekends. I have built several pieces that have been donated to local charities and done the occasional refinishing job. 

Now let’s talk woodwork.

Click below to go see some of my finished works.

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